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Executive Classroom Seminars

Classroom Seminars - perfect when learners can gather in person.

There are distinct advantages to hosting Executive Classroom Seminars, including:

  • Delivery of consistent content and messaging to all participants
  • Opportunities for participants to learn from one another
Business simulation for classroom seminar
  • Team building and bonding that can be challenging when participating from remote locations

Business Simulations in Executive Education

A simulation is perfect for an Executive Classroom Seminar because key lessons can be reinforced in a realistic and safe environment. Competition occurs naturally among table participants and generates excitement. Debrief sessions are filled with deep learning opportunities and participants leave with concrete strategies to take back to their roles.

In an Executive Classroom Seminar, using a business simulation as the tool to engage and instruct participants, leaders learn from immediate results to their actions and decisions. We have a number of off-the-shelf business simulations that are perfect for a classroom seminar. Or, we can tailor or fully customize one to meet your learners’ needs.

Not sure if you know enough about business simulations to know if one will fit your needs? Take a look at some demos we have available!

Our clients choose us for Classroom Seminars because our simulations are reliable. And because our facilitators are fun, knowledgeable and engaging. We understand and incorporate critical learning material into the experience.

They also choose us because we’re exceedingly flexible to work with.

For alternative solutions to Classroom Seminars, please see our Virtual Classrooms and Mobile Learning solutions.

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