AI-Powered Business Simulation System

Our newly launched AI-powered business simulation system opens a new era of learning in which training is not just informative, but purposeful, exciting and memorable.

IndustryMasters provides hands-on, real-world experience without the real-world consequences.

At IndustryMasters, we’re pushing the boundaries of leadership development and business training with our state-of-the-art, AI-powered business simulation system.


Highly Relevant

Realistic learning content created according to your specifications or AI-generated


Quality You
Know & Trust

Enhanced user-friendliness based on a highly intuitive design – and we’ve maintained the same levels of engagement and fun you expect from IndustryMasters


Instant Availability

Rapid development and accelerated prep time for any size learning group mean less time and effort to deploy

Artificial Intelligence & Real Enterprise Data


Dynamic development of on-demand learning content around the current challenges and concerns of your industry or even specific company is fully integrated in our elegant business simulation games. Our unique flexibility allows us to offer immediate sim availability as a self-paced option or for team-based play.

Cause-and-effect decision-making and practical experiences from real-world scenarios are experienced in an engaging, interactive and fun learning environment. We can support your learning objectives with knowledge checks, exercises outside the simulation and the ability to integrate directly with your learning management system.


Strategy & Concept

You Define the Learning Objectives, We’ll Do the Rest…FAST!

Our simulations aren’t just about reproducing business scenarios. They’re about immersing your learners in the most realistic, relevant, and memorable

To do this, we stay abreast of the latest industry trends and constantly update our platform with real financial data. This ensures that our business games reflect their business environment as accurately as possible, and that their learning objectives are safely achieved.

All Your Learning Objectives Included

Immediate Demo Sims Available

Fast and traceable development

User Friendly and Intuitive

Implementation & Support

It’s Easy to Get Started!

From sharpening the entrepreneurial thinking of your learners to advancing leadership skills or other areas of business management, a business simulation from IndustryMasters can help you accomplish your training goals.

Our sims are fast to deployment, flexible for any learning situation, and intuitive to use.

You can decide at any time which areas of the training you want to conduct independently and where you need our support.

Quick introduction

Easy to use

Highly scalable

Support on demand


“We have been using a customized Airport Management Simulation from IndustryMasters for several years. The business simulation is always a surprise for the participants who think they have to attend a boring finance/accounting training.”
Guillaume Briere
VINCI Airports Controlling Director
“For me, the apprenticeship game added a lot of value because we were able to strengthen team communication and team spirit in the regular decision-making rounds. In addition, the operational processes in a company were consolidated through virtual “learning by doing”.”
Finja Grothaus
Hörmann KG
“The business games from IndustryMasters have motivated my students in the long term. I was even able to prove this in a scientific study on the improvement of learning results. By using this learning method, the willingness to learn as well as the performance has increased a lot!”
Prof. Dr. Mandy Hommel
East Bavarian Technical University
“The development of the business game was characterized by a high level of expertise, methodological competence and tight project management on the part of IndustryMasters.
The result is an exceptional business game that is not yet available in this form in Germany.”
Professor Dr. Kaltofen
EBZ Business School