Leverage AI to Create Next Gen Business Simulations

Our groundbreaking AI Business Simulation Creator allow you to craft completely customized learning experiences. Want to take it for a test drive?


Highly Relevant

Realistic learning content created according to your specifications and for the target audience


Scalable Quality

Enhanced user-friendliness
based on a highly intuitive design from IndustryMasters


Instantly Usable

Less time and effort through rapid development and accelerated prep time for any size learning

Real Financial Data & Real-World-Scenarios

from learning by doing to training on the job

Our simulations aren’t just about reproducing business scenarios. They’re about immersing your learners in the most realistic, relevant, and memorable way into management.

To do this, we stay abreast of the latest industry trends and constantly update our platform with real financial data. This ensures that our business games reflect their business environment as accurately as possible, and that their learning objectives are safely achieved.

Realistic hands-on management

Strategic thinking and decision-making

Insights to financial and business

Elevation of skillset

AI Business Simulation Creator

Use the power of AI created Business Simulations!

Our AI-driven platform is designed to deliver a bespoke experience meticulously crafted to align with your distinct educational requirements and strategic objectives.

This tool is an ideal solution for HR Managers seeking to elevate team capabilities and deploy more captivating, efficient onboarding instruments.

It also serves as a pivotal resource for articulating new business strategies to employees through immersive real-world scenarios.

Foster a culture of learning and adaptability

Unveil hidden talents and leaders within your organization

Drive better business outcomes through informed decision-making.