Leveraging Gamification in Corporate Education

Gamification in corporate education is the art of enhancing learning opportunities by making them more “game-like”. Simulations do this naturally by engaging learners in competition using real-world scenarios and intense challenges.

For many people, the words “fun” and “work” don’t naturally go together. Work is that thing you do from 9-5 before you can go have fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Who said that work can’t be fun? Unfortunately, those who truly enjoy their workplace are in the minority. Implementing fun in the workplace typically ranks fairly low on CEOs’ to do lists. But, studies have shown that not only does having fun at work increase employee satisfaction and retention, it comes with other benefits, too.

5 Benefits of Leveraging Gamification

1. Improves Communication

Regardless of your position, you are likely required to communicate and collaborate with other colleagues or employees. Work communications can be awkward and even intimidating, especially when you are new to an organization or role. Incorporating fun at work eases the situation for all involved and everyone gets to know their colleagues better. This, then, improves communication because it’s always easier to work with those you feel you know.

2. Strengthens Teamwork

Teamwork is often crucial in a workplace environment. But, stereotypical team-building events often have poor results. Attempting to foster teamwork can feel forced and unnatural. Fostering a fun environment within corporate education, strengthens teamwork naturally by creating and nurturing trust, the foundation of productive teamwork.

3. Boosts Creativity

Many jobs require employees to have a certain level of creativity. When our brains are overloaded with deadlines, stress, and pressure, though, our creativity levels are not at peak. There is a profound link between having fun and high levels of creativity. The more fun employees have at work, the more creative they can be!

4. Increases Productivity

Companies rely on employee productivity in order to be successful. In 2015, the University of Warwick conducted a study to test the effects of happy employees on company productivity. The study found that happy employees are 12%-20% more productive than their peers. By implementing gamification in corporate education, employers can increase their company’s ROI and revenue.

5. Reduces Stress

For many, work can be stressful. Whether you have a demanding job or are in a new position, there are plenty of reasons why the thought of going to work may be nerve-wracking. By introducing fun in the workplace, employees relieve stress and tension. The act of laughing, for instance, has been scientifically proven to both decrease stress hormones and release endorphins. When employees are less stressed, they’re happier and more productive.

These are just a handful of the reasons why having fun at work is important. The creation of a fun workplace has also been linked to reduced rates of absenteeism, increased employee loyalty, and greater job satisfaction. By encouraging fun in the workplace, everyone wins!

While there are several ways to make the workplace more enjoyable, one of the most effective ways is by implementing gamification in corporate education like incorporating business simulations. Business simulations are highly interactive and engaging games that create leaders, develop teamwork skills, and train participants. Not only is this training method effective, it’s also fun!

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