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Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced simulations provide learning solutions for everyone

Your learners don’t all learn the same way or at the same pace. There are numerous opportunities to address learning styles of the leaders you wish to develop, including the pace of delivery. Self-paced learning is available with each of our business simulations. And, an IndustryMasters’ simulation that allows learners to access their learning whenever and wherever and to proceed at their own pace may be just what your unique leaders need.

Self-paced learning with business simulations

Using Self-Paced Simulations to Meet Your Learners’ Needs

It’s probably obvious that a business simulation can be a powerful component of an executive classroom experience. But, did you know that they can also be used by “single players” – learners advancing in the simulation on their own, at their own pace?

Nearly every business simulation from IndustryMasters can be configured for a single participant. It’s part of what makes us flexible and easy to work with. Even a solution that’s been tailored for your business or industry or a fully custom experience can be delivered to an audience of one and advanced at the appropriate speed – self-paced learning! This is ideal when not everyone can gather at the same time to participate.

Learn@ IndustryMasters, a product of IndustryMasters, offers courses specifically designed for self-paced learning. Currently, courses include a series for banking professionals. Plans are underway to include a variety of other industries, including hotel, airport management, car dealer, and many others, as well.

Learn more about Learn@ IndustryMasters here.

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