Considerations Evaluating a Business Simulation Provider

Are you looking for a new way to train emerging leaders? Do you want training to be fun and effective? Need insights into leadership assessment? If so, business simulations just might be the answer.

Business simulations are engaging and interactive training methods that work by replicating a workplace environment and allowing learners to take on various roles. Participants “play” the roles of managers, directors, or C-level executives and are faced with realistic daily challenges pertinent to these roles. The goal is to complete tasks by collaborating and using critical thinking skills. While the business simulation industry is fairly new, there are several companies that offer these revolutionary programs.

But how can you know which company to hire? Here are four questions to ask before hiring a business simulation provider:

  1. Do You Have Demos Available?

Before hiring a business simulation provider, you should be able to view some demonstration versions of their offering. Demos are important because they give you an opportunity to see the creator’s style and the quality of their work. When a business simulation provider can offer demos, it shows they have the hands-on experience necessary to create high quality products. A prominent business simulation provider should be able to provide demos in a wide variety of industries, formats, or other variable that is important to your audience.

2. Are Your Simulations Customizable?

A strong business simulation provider will be able to offer customizable simulations. While some clients are interested in off-the-shelf business simulations, simulations that can be modified to include specific storyline elements, KPIs, or other company/industry specifics are in high demand. This type of simulation can help train participants to learn a particular skill set while improving hard and soft skills. Business simulations should be not only customizable, but also scalable and flexible.

3. Do You Provide Training?

Reliable business simulation providers offer comprehensive training on their offerings to ensure their customers are fully satisfied. Some providers even offer a range of trainings, including in-person and virtual or a hybrid. Sessions referred to as “Train-the-Trainer” should also be available to train your in-house staff on how to deliver a simulation.

4. What Do Your Business Simulations Accomplish?

This is arguably one of the most important questions to ask a business simulation provider. Providers should be able to tell you exactly how your business will benefit from implementing their business simulation. An efficient business simulation will engage learners as well as develop their leadership skills, enhance teamwork skills, and improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

If you are looking for a business simulation provider that ticks all of these boxes, then look no further. IndustryMasters is a global leader in digital learning solutions. We offer business simulations in three tiers: off-the-shelf, slightly customized, and fully customized. This means that we can work with clients in a variety of industries at any price point.

While each of our hundreds of available simulations are different, they are all built from the same proven, reliable platform. But, we don’t just hand our business simulations to clients for them to figure out themselves. We offer comprehensive training and we can facilitate executive classroom seminars and virtual classroom trainings. Or, we can train your team to do the same. If you have any more questions about who we are or what we do, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Globally Based

We’re a globally based firm serving a wide range of client size and type. The depth and breadth of our perspective is evident in how we partner with our clients and in the strength and relevancy of our solutions. We understand your business, industry and world.


We meet our clients where they need us – from tailoring or customizing our solutions to facilitating or training others to deliver them; from virtual deployments to in-person events; from a dozen participants to several thousand; single-player to large team competitions.


We begin with a foundation of algorithms that’s been tested and perfected over more than a decade. From there, we add in storyline elements, KPIs and challenges unique to your situation. We’re fast to delivery with a reliable, world-class offering at a cost-effective price point.