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Mobile learning for learners on the go

A mobile learning experience from IndustryMasters can be accessed from tablets and other mobile devices, following your learners wherever they go. Users can advance through our self-paced or single-player solutions whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

Mobile learning solutions

Business Simulations are Ideal for Mobile Learning

Today’s learners are just a click away from all the information they need. Why wouldn’t the information and tools you want them to learn be available the same way?

In our article about The 2020 Manager, we consider that the majority of managers in the coming years will be Millenials. This group of learners has never known a world without immediate access to information. They do not seek out their managers for advice or information – it’s all available from their devices!

Business simulations, as online, web-based solutions, mimic that access to quick information and flexible learning delivery method. All our business simulations are available from any mobile device as well as traditional PCs.

A solution from IndustryMasters is so flexible, it can accommodate mobile learners while simultaneously meeting the needs of participants gathered in the same room. We have vast experience with a wide range of delivery options. Let’s talk about your needs!

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