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Industry-Specific Simulations

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Looking for a business simulation specific to your industry?

We offer a range of industry-specific business simulations, off-the-shelf solutions, that can be used immediately or slightly tailored to meet your learners’ needs.

Industry-Specific Business Simulations for Leadership Development

Industry-specific business simulations from IndustryMasters are a rigorous, engaging way to develop your learners on unique aspects of your industry. From specific KPIs to storyline scenarios, we offer solutions for individual users, competitions, virtual classrooms and in-person, classroom events that include unique industry challenges.

Solutions are available as off-the-shelf (no customization needed), moderately tailored to meet your needs, or fully customized while still built on our proven, tested platform.

Not sure if a business simulation is right for your learners? We have seven industry-specific business simulations available for review on our View Demos page. If these don’t give you enough of an idea about how business simulations work, please contact us. We would be delighted to arrange for a full demonstration of our sims.

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Developing retail leaders through business simulations

Retail Simulation

How do you teach product life cycles, seasonal demand fluctuations, cash flow management, and marketing in the fast-paced world of retail? By taking over responsibility of a retail company and marketing successfully through a wide range of challenges.

Retail Simulation Demo

Hotel simulation for leadership development

Hotel Investment

In our Hotel Investment Simulation, your business skills are tested as you build a worldwide hotel empire. Create a portfolio of hotels around the world, in a variety of categories. Prove yourself in the competition for market share and profitability in this dynamic business world.

Hotel Simulation Demo

Auto manufacturing business simulation for leaders

Automobile Manufacturer

Participants determine market preferences, production costs, and an optimal strategy for maximizing efficiency, market share, and financial performance. Varying country regulations, global emissions concerns, and the speed of news and recent scandals are only some of the macro trends impacting your success.

Automobile Manufacturer Simulation Demo

Banking simulation for leadership development


Today’s banking is complex. Banking leaders must understand the trade-offs involved in pursuing strong growth or a cautious expansion strategy. Participants balance between deposit business and credit products while attracting and retaining customers.

Banking Simulation Demo

Developing auto dealer leadership with business simulation

Car Dealer

Optimizing operations in four interrelated areas: new cars, used cars, repair and parts is the primary challenge of this simulation. Participants are challenged to determine optimal staffing, marketing spend, profitability by department and to control cash flow.

Car Dealer Simulation Demo

Developing telecom leaders through business simulations


This simulation features a highly competitive market in which teams must develop a sound strategy and increase profits in order to succeed. Key performance indicators including ARPU, CPGA, Churn Rate, and more are manipulated with sound decision making.

Telecom Simulation Demo

Business Simulation for Life & Annuity

Life Insurance Business Simulation

A six to eight-hour peek behind the curtain of the inner workings, interdependencies, and more that are unique to a Life Insurance and Annuity company.  Teams are challenged to drive premium, deposits, and fee income to meet the needs of policy owners, shareholders, and regulators.

Life Insurance Simulation Demo

We have dozens more off-the-shelf, industry-specific simulations. Others include: Consumer Packaged Goods, Agriculture, Airport Management, Fashion Retail, Manufacturing, New Product Development, and more.

Let us know what you’re looking for!

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