Our simulation for Airport Management takes you to the business processes of a regional airport company with a company value of 1.5 billion US dollars. The company has been in operation for several years and has a secure and established market position. Your role as CEO of the company is to maximize the profitability of the airport operation and so increase its market value.

Your main sources of income are in the areas of air traffic (landing fee revenues), ground handling (passengers) and retail concessions (shops and sales areas). You need to monitor the profitability of your activities at all times and make important strategic and tactical decisions, taking into account the strategic positioning of your competitors.

Check your strategic position and that of your competitors.
Invest in security, passenger transport and your personnel policy.
Adjust tariffs, improve asset management, decide on marketing and other, special investments to improve productivity.
Manage staff levels, salaries, and educational budgets to improve productivity and motivation.

In the simulation, you compete against “The Hub” in a single-player mode, a pre-programmed “virtual opponent”. This virtual player analyzes your decisions and adjusts its own strategy to win the race. A tough competitor!