Tycoon Systems - Range of Simulations


Tycoon Systems - Range of Simulations

We offer a wide range of ready-to-use business simulations - in Single Player and Multiplayer formats. This page shows a small selection of our ready-to-use range. We also offer an extensive customisation service of larger projects - click here for details

Sustainability Management
This fascinating manufacturing-focused simulation provides a unique insight into issues of carbon management in the 21st century. You will manage an auto manufacturer to build a global strategy that both increases shareholder value and meets increasingly strict CO2 emission regulations set by government.

More on our Sustainability simulation - HERE

Airport Management
Our Airport Management business simulation (modelled on a real US-based regional operator) incorporates an overview of essential management techniques used in large infrastructure projects.

More on Airport Management simulation - HERE

Computer Manufacturing
A complex supply chain system exists in this market-focused simulation. Choose to invest in a range of component manufacturing units, systems assembly plants or various distribution/retail opportunities. Profitability in each sector depends on upstream and downstream market saturation and concentration.

More on the Computer Manufacturing sim - HERE

New Product Development
Classic exercise in new product development in a fast moving market - from design stage through to building strong market shares. Design and launch a phone incorporating a range of high technology features. Match product design to defined consumer segments and changing preferences.

More on our Mobile Phone sim - HERE

Retail Dealership
This simulation is used by several major car manufacturers around the world to train owners & managers of their dealer networks. You will learn principles of general management as applied to a dealer network – principles which can apply to any dealership style business.

More on the Car Dealer simulation - HERE

Telco Global Manager
An absorbing look at the turbulent world of telecom operators. Participants need to understand the changing market dynamics of fixed line, mobile and data services, and the impact of pricing on customer churn and equipment utilisation.

More on the Telco Manager simulation - HERE

Fashion Retailing
Fashion retailing demands great attention to detail. You will manage prices, promotions, inventory and warehousing needs as you struggle with short lifecycles, changing tastes, and seasonal revenues.

More on our Fashion Retailing simulation - HERE

Bank Marketing
With the Basel 3 rules coming into effect across the world, this simulation course provides a fascinating insight into the world of core capital, expense ratios & balanced lending principles. Ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the global banking industry, or for new recruits in this area.

More on our Banking simulation - HERE

Machinery Manufacturing
A manufacturing-focused simulation where you take over a company which operates in a maturing market with ageing products. How do you manage in flat or declining markets? This simulation has proved to be very effective in basic Business Acumen classes

More on Machinery Manufacturing sim - HERE

Hotel Investor
Take over a small group of budget hotels, and expand to a global network of business, luxury and spa resorts – or focus on the original core of city based budget properties. What will be your strategy ? Will you meet your RevPAR and GOPPAR goals? How to succeed in the global hospitality industry?

More on the Hotel Investor simulation - HERE

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