Multi-Cultural Teams

Multi-Cultural Team Training using Business Games

Multi Cultural Team SolutionsFor many organizations the challenge of managing multi-cultural teams can often seem overwhelming. Whilst intelligence on new markets, reduced expenditures and access to a wider talent pool are all compelling reasons to manage business globally our clients frequently cite frustrations, time lags and hidden costs which can derail projects and damage reputations.

In many cases it is the subtle cultural differences which are to blame. Seemingly small issues which compound to create obstacles that quickly become a crisis. And resolved or not they all share two characteristics: they take time and they cost money.

Simulations give organizations an opportunity to address the critical multicultural challenges before they become an issue. By forging teams in advance of a real project.

Our cloud-based environments are spaces where teams in multiple locations can work in real-time, on native business matters. They can find a balance between the direct communication methods common in western organisations and the indirect methods favored elsewhere.

They can work with non-native speakers’ accents and become adept at coping with a lack of fluency in language, problems with translation or usage. They can experience differing cultural norms where attitudes toward hierarchy and authority are more acute, complicated by flat team structures.

A simulated world where real strategies for multi-cultural teams are forged.



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