High Impact Events

Using Business Simulations in High Impact Events

High-Impact Events

High Impact EventsIf you’re planning a major event and need an exciting and practical activity to shake-up your audience and get them animated, simulation is the answer. We create an environment which challenges participants to demonstrate teamwork and collaboration, where there are winners and a positive outcome for all. There are no gimmicks. We know simulation has to represent real value on your investment and generate tangible cost-effective ROE.

World-class Experience

Tycoon has delivered multiple bespoke simulation events for a host of world-class companies and distinguished universities across a spectrum of business issues and in multiple industries. From intensive leadership development programs to multi-campus competitions featuring over 2000 participants we deliver facilitation on-site or remotely. All run from our cloud-based proprietary technology. Real results delivered in real-time.

Better by Design

As good as our simulations are we know it’s the value of collaboration which turns a good event into a great one. Our clients give us the knowledge we need to power up simulations, create believable worlds and target the issues which matter most. From experience, iteration matters. Working closely with our designers you’ll see a simulation prototype built in weeks, you’ll shape its features and the intended outcomes. You’ll test its value with key stakeholders before its release. And when the feedback is in you’ll be due as much of the credit as we are. High-impact. Guaranteed.



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