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Business Wargaming

Business Wargaming develops strategic and tactical abilities.

Business wargaming simulations for strategy development

Teaching Critical Business Skills with Wargaming Simulations

Business Wargaming Simulations present learners with opportunities to build and refine business navigation skills. The idea behind business (or corporate) wargaming is to create a situation in which learners simulate moves and counter-moves in a market or commercial setting that mimics their own business world. Wargaming is especially valuable in highly competitive industries or markets or those experiencing transformative change. Learners can consider how to participate proactively, how they will react to other teams’ decisions and the market, and how they will defend their positions.

Business Wargaming Simulations from IndustryMasters provide an opportuny to develop a simulation using your custom data. Our experts will guide you through an intuitive process to create an experience that puts critical decision-making skills – relevant to your company or industry – in the hands of your learners.

IndustryMasters recently worked with a large US manufacturer of freight trucks to input their data and unique decision points into a fully custom, though still very affordable, learning solution. The result was a huge success for all. In a fun and engaging way, using a business wargaming simulation, learners quickly understood cause-and-effect related to their specific business.

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