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Competitions are an exciting way for learners to grasp key concepts.

Business Simulation Competitions from IndustryMasters bring the excitement of competition combined with targeted business learning to a broad audience in your organization.

Simulation competitions

Team-Building Competitions

Working with a major automobile manufacturer, we are currently running a series of global business competitions, in which between 1,500 and 2,000 finance managers compete against each other for the title of “Global Business Leader.”

Because our proprietary business simulation system uses cloud-based servers, we can allow instant access from all over the world – simultaneously, in up to 15 different languages, including English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many others. Even if English is not a first language, competition participants can instantly switch back and forth between their own on-screen language and English, while participating in the same event as any others.

Competition formats can include knockout/league structures with several phases or a published high score list to instantly see who is “winning” – and with multiple attempts to encourage and embed learning.

Recruitment Application

We also used this format to assist one of our US clients to filter graduate job applicants favoring those who could display a higher degree of business acumen. The client was receiving 150,000 resumes every year for 2,000 vacancies. A business game and competition, offered as part of the recruitment process,  effectively helped to select better qualified candidates.

Your Business Competition

How might a business competition build team spirit, in a fun and engaging way, at the same time as broadening and deepening the knowledge base of your leaders?

Competitions can also kick-start an educational initiative in your teams or be used as a way of aligning and communicating new corporate strategies down the line.

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