Our Full Range of Solutions

Simulations from IndustryMasters are available off-the-shelf for a wide range of industries and solutions. Most of our clients ask us for at least some light tailoring so that they can include:

  • Unique storyline elements
  • Curveballs that mirror their real world
  • KPIs, ratios and definitions that reflect how their organization or industry operate 

We work with you to be certain the learning experience we create together meets your learners’ needs. At the same time, of course, we keep your constraints – time, budget, resources – top of mind.

What's Consistent Across Our Solutions:


Whether our clients choose a guided (instructor-led) or self-paced solution, the Guided Narrative is a critical component of our Elegant Design and learning science. It refers to how users experience and are led through our solutions – moving in and out of specific teach points, focusing on decisions or tasks, for example.

The Guided Narrative ensures focus and intentionality, a deep understanding of cause-and-effect and always starts with the end in mind: what are the outcomes you are trying to achieve?


Embedded Tools play an important and integrated role in two ways. First, in terms of learning science, they support the Guided Narrative and how we ensure learning impact and strong transfer of learning back to the organization.

Second, they affect how we design the user experience and learning journey. Embedded Tools provide:

A toolbox of frameworks to amplify learning (how to create a good strategy, or navigate a product life cycle, for instance); and simultaneously support the user throughout the learning journey (setting expectations, managing actions and commitments post-event, etc.).


We are more than just a simulation provider. We craft relevant, contextual learning experiences that enhance decision-making quality. The only way to do that is to provide a full journey for the learner. This might include pre- and post-assessments, opportunities to learn from peers and to teach others, and much more.

We'll work with you to fully understand your learning objectives. Then, we'll create learning journey based on our extensive experience and knowledge of how people learn best.