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Wondering what a business simulation is all about?

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Click on a link for one of the business simulation demos below to get an idea of what participants experience in any of the following business simulations: Hotel Simulation, Banking Simulation, Retail Simulation, Car Dealer Simulation, Life Insurance & Annuity Simulation, Auto Manufacturer Simulation, or Telecom Simulation.

These off-the-shelf solutions are ready to deploy now. If you need storylines, decisions, KPIs, or curveballs unique to your business or industry, we can tailor any of these to meet your needs. If you need a completely customized solution, we can do that, too!

Automobile Manufacturer Simulation

In the Automobile Manufacturer Simulation, you take over responsibility for managing a virtual automobile manufacturer navigating a sustainable strategy that includes decisions around product expansion, new models, employee hires, marketing decisions, opting to invest in new technologies, and more!

Banking Simulation

Take over managing operations of a bank with commercial and retail products in our Banking Simulation. Participants weigh trade-offs in deposit and credit products, evaluate growth and expansion strategies, and manage regulatory changes while successfully managing the bank’s business. Learn more here!

Car Dealer Simulation

The Car Dealer Simulation allows you to manage operations in new cars, used cars, repairs and parts. Challenges in staffing, marketing spend, maintaining department profitability, and more are included in this engaging experience.

Hotel Management Simulation

The Hotel Management Simulation provides an opportunity to manage numerous aspects of a global hotel enterprise. Participants make decisions in critical areas including Sales, Marketing, Staffing, Controlling, and Assets while trying to maintain strong profit margins.

Business Simulation for Life & Annuity

Learn more about this business simulation here

Life Insurance Business Simulation

The Life Insurance Simulation provides an opportunity to witness the impacts of numerous decisions in this industry. Teams of participants compete to meet the needs of their company’s policy owners and other shareholders, even regulators.

Retail Simulation

Welcome to the Retail Simulation – a fast-paced, engaging opportunity to learn about cash flow management, product life cycles, seasonal demand fluctuations, and marketing! Participants take over responsibility of a retail company and make decisions around a wide range of challenges.

Telecom Simulation

In the Telecom Sim, participants must develop and implement a sound strategy within a highly competitive market. Opportunities to launch new products, invest in optimization strategies, and to pursue innovative technologies are available to help your telco operation succeed!

Agriculture Simulation

Today’s farming business is a mix of operational know-how and financial acumen. Participants decide which crops to plant and when, how many fields to plant given a number of variables to review, whether to hedge the prices of their crops or chance that market values will hold, what investments will help yield the greatest profits, and much more.

We have dozens more off-the-shelf, industry-specific business simulations. Others include: Consumer Packaged Goods, Agriculture, Airport Management, Fashion Retail, Manufacturing, New Product Development, and more.

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