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What is a Business Simulation?

What is a business simulation?

A business simulation is a learning experience that mimics (or simulates) a business so well that learners can become completely immersed in a hands-on experiential environment and learn decision making, business acumen, problem solving, business operations, industry insights, market analysis, collaboration, leadership, and much more.


A business simulation from IndustryMasters is a powerful and engaging component of a digital learning strategy. Designed to mirror realistic business scenarios, business simulations provide a safe environment for learners to engage and interact with each other and the technology, then witness the results of their decisions immediately impact their simulated business.

Business simulations from IndustryMasters are web-based, online learning experiences designed to develop your leaders. Learners can participate in industry-specific solutions that include unique storylines and decisions of a particular industry, or general business simulations that allow them to hone their business acumen skills and are applicable across industries.

In an effort to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, we offer mobile learning and self-paced solutions, virtual competitions and classroom events, business wargaming, and solutions for use in executive education seminars. We can tailor (slightly alter) an existing simulation or even build a fully custom solution, depending on your learners’ needs.

Business Simulations that Deliver Exactly What Your Learners Need

Our business simulations are flexible and scalable. We haven’t met a learning challenge yet that we couldn’t address! From learners participating remotely but still given an opportunity to collaborate effectively, to participants who can sometimes work in-person, and other times need the flexibility to move at their own pace – and a lot of variations in between! An online, web-based business simulation offers you and your learners great flexibility.

We deliver exceptional digital learning experiences that include online business simulations.

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