Why Use Business Simulations?

Why Use Business Simulations?

The top-five reasons you need to know

It's a common enough question: why use simulations? As you'd expect, we can provide enough great reasons to fill more than the space we have here but, instead, we've narrowed it down to our top-five. They're of equal value and when taken together represent a massive opportunity. 

1. Immersive environments

In our world it's known as fidelity. Basically, the more realistic the environment and objects in it the more immersive the task is. It's what creates the extraordinary levels of engagement we see. When it feels real, people forget that it's not - and that's where the real learning gains are.  

2. Hugely scalable 

Simulations are immensely scalable. Being web-based we can deliver instantaneous results to literally thousands of users in real-time. And because our packages are so flexible you can build the program you want with the support structure you need at a fraction of the cost you'd expect to pay.  

3. Remote access

How do you deliver a blended training solution to a globally dispersed staff operating in multiple time-zones? Simulation based learning is the answer. With 24/7 remote access our packages can be tailored for synchronous and asynchronous delivery. It's there whenever you need it to be.

4. Technologically sophisticated

The IndustryMasters platform is uniquely placed to cope with even the most extraordinary of requests. When the VirBELA team at Rady School of Management UCSD  needed a simulation which could operate inside their virtual world there was only one company able to meet their needs: IndustryMasters. Now one of our bespoke simulations is operable by avatars from within their virtual MBA in a $1.7m GMAC funded project. IndustryMasters simulation - at the leading edge of technology.

5. Customization at Low Cost

If there's one feature of our simulation platform which sets us apart it's our ability to deliver high-quality customization projects in a matter of weeks at incredible value. It's the most common compliment we get. With a system that is built using our proprietary  plug-and-play feature menu our speed to prototype is unmatched. When you add real company data, industry driven KPIs and organization specific language it's a slice of the real world your employees will instantly recognise.


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