The global fashion business – footwear, apparel, accessories – is worth more than $ 1.3 trillion sales per year – and so accounts for more than 2% of global GDP. The creative design sector of fashion has historically been concentrated in the US ($ 352 Bln) and Europe ($ 443 Bln). More sales are generated there than in all other creative sectors – such as booksellers, film and music industry. The fashion sector is also of crucial importance for many developing countries worldwide.

This dynamic simulation focuses on the retail side of the fashion business. You take over responsibility for a range of men’s and women’s fashion brands, and attempt to market them successfully.

For the success of your company, you have to manage a wide range of challenges such as short product life cycles, seasonal demand fluctuations, price policy, fast-paced fashion, storage, portfolio management, cash flow management, marketing and much more.

Weigh your decisions accurately. Do you invest in a web shop or a fashion shop to increase your sales? No matter what decision will be, you always have to keep an eye on financial profitability and stock price.