Breaking Down "Silos"

Breaking Down "Silos" - Business Games can help

Breaking Down SilosOne of the critical business challenges our clients face is the proliferation of silos in their organizations. In some cases it’s vertical with senior management increasingly isolated from lower management tiers, but also horizontal with high barriers between individual divisions. The results, though, are always the same. Gridlock.

Silos destroy trust which destroys teamwork. Communication becomes non-existent or even toxic. Complacency sets in as teams become ever more inward-facing. All of which contribute to missed opportunities as the organization fails to react with enough speed or agility in a modern, fast-paced competitive environment. And the company leading the way? That’s your competition.

Our response has been to create a simulation environment which fosters the conditions necessary to break these learned behaviours. What some business theorists call ‘deep structure’. Because organizations have their own implicit codes, language and ways of working. Their own DNA. And to alter that code you need a powerful tool. One which ‘brings the outside in’ as Kotter would say.

We develop simulations based on multi-divisional initiatives with organization-wide implications. It forces teams to share information. To focus on opportunities instead of a crisis. To allow natural coalitions to emerge which champion a new set of ideals with a collegiate mindset.

A team driven from within rather than handpicked by senior management. We create success in our worlds ... so that you realize success in yours.


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