Our Business Simulations

Business simulations immerse people into realistic situations where they are challenged to make trade-off decisions and experience the consequences. Lessons that would take years to learn on the job can be taught in a matter of hours through a simulation.  Story lines can be used to increase  emotion and engagement.  IndustryMasters specializes in creating the right level of tension, delivering healthy competition and challenges that matter.  Leaders can fail in a safe environment. Retention and transference to the job are increased.

IndustryMasters delivers the following kinds of simulations:

Our  robust, three-layer simulation platform that delivers rich experiences, delivers realistic feedback calculated with economic algorithms, and leverages common reusable modules to accelerate development.

Gold Standard Simulations

We have identified simulations that address broadly applicable business challenges in the following categories –  retail, financial services, manufacturing, subscription services, and talent. For these five simulations, we have developed a gold standard approach that includes integrating current challenges and providing tools and resources for our partners and customers to use in delivery.

Ready Now Simulations

off the shelf simulations .

Tailored Simulations

Lightly customized simulations built to a cost.

Custom Simulations

Custom built to exacting standards.


Local and global.

Diversity and Inclusion Simulations

Hot topic

“Hardly a day goes by that I don’t recall some lesson that I learned in the simulation. The lessons just keep giving.”

says a high potential engineer 18 months after participating in a simulation.