Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap - Business Simulation in the classroom

How simulation can bring industry right into your classroom

At least a dozen schools ranked in Businessweek’s top 30 full-time MBA programs reported doublt-digit application dips this year. The climate has never been tougher. And with changing Visa restrictions affecting international applications in many countries, the need to offer a compelling global program becomes ever more critical just to compete.

Yet even as applications fall, the demands on business schools and universities continue to rise. The business world demands graduates with a real-world skillset to go with their academic achievement and intellect; prospective students want an experience which prepares them for the realities of the business world - not just an exam. Increasingly, the link between theory and practice has to move beyond retrospection, and demonstrate currency in a world that moves at breakneck speed.

We know from our work with some of the world's top universities and business schools that this is only part of the picture. Academics and course leaders are asking if entirely new pedagogies are needed for a nation of digital natives. How do we adapt our delivery mechanisms to a brave new world?

IndustryMasters simulations are built on real industry data, and our client list includes global leaders in sectors as diverse as construction, telecommunications, automotive, pharmaceutical, mining and more. These immersive, experiential learning environments are used by industry to challenge their future leaders, and build effective cross-border teams from disparate functional areas. They use industry specific KPIs to increase fidelity, and elicit real world responses from their employees. All of which can be re-created in the academic world.  

In addition to developing the practical application of business acumen, our simulations are incredibly effective at cultivating soft skills. They are increasingly used to test and improve strategic thinking, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership and entrepreneurial habits. The very skills rated as most important by over 5,000 MBA recruiters in the QS TopMBA survey - including Apple, Amazon, IBM, KPMG, GE and more. Critically, they were also the skills those employers were least satisfied with.

With our simulations your students can experience what top executives experience in talent management programmes across the globe, for some of the world's most impressive companies. Academics, seasoned users of case studies, are immediately able to grasp the possibilities that come from simulation use. Theory comes to life when the impact on a business happens in real-time - and with real economic consequences.

From facilitated seminar events to large-scale multiplayer competitions, delivered in real-time with instantaneous results, our simulations offer a wealth of opportunities.