Business Schools and Universities

Simulations in Universities and Business Schools

We work with some of the world’s leading universities and business schools, capturing the power of immersive learning to bring business alive in the classroom. With our simulations your students can experience what top executives experience in management programs across the globe for some of the world's most impressive companies.

Multiple Modalities - for many applications

Using virtualized cloud technology and a database driven platform, our simulations can be used in almost any setting and delivered in multiple modalities, both synchronous and asynchronous. Delivering instantaneous results in real-time from any connected location.

This means you can organise single user learning sessions, remotely managed distance learning classes, exciting mutliplayer competions in the classroom, or connected virtually - and many more options.

VirBELA - the Rady School of Management project, and other Case Studies

Take a look here at our ground-breaking virtual MBA research project, in partnership with Rembisz Associates, based at Rady School of Management at UCSD - the University of California San Diego.
You’ll also be able to see how leading universities such as the University of Glasgow (UK), and La Rochelle Business School (France), are using our simulations.

High-impact Events

Use our simulations in either Single Player or Multiplayer formats to deliver exciting and engaging competitions, inter-campus tournaments and topic-based seminars. Or build bespoke activities like induction events and mock assessment centre challenges.



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