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Solving Business Learning Issues

  • Custom-Built Simulations


    Discover the power of a simulation built to order and defined by your business need. Our flexible proprietary simulation platform allows us to model almost any business issue to deliver outstanding quality at low cost.


    It’s why world class companies trust us to help solve their critical issues.

    Business change. Redefined.


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  • Challenging Future Global Leaders


    As the ‘war for talent’ becomes ever more intense our clients increasingly rely on simulation to challenge their future leaders. We construct believable worlds, built on real data and meaningful KPIs to create a unique experience.


    Because in a virtual world we can take your leaders to the edge of their ability. And find out who has what it takes to go even further.


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  • Simulations & Business Competitions


    Everyone loves to win. And business is waking up to the power of games that drive real-world success. Games are immersive. Exciting. Engaging. They test real-world abilities in high-pressure environments.


    Available on a massive scale, we have delivered competitions with up to 2,000 players simultaneously. In real-time, with instantaneous results.


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  • High-Impact Simulation Events


    Our clients know that a high-profile event needs energy. It needs a reason to engage. To participate. With a bespoke simulation you can create challenges that require teamwork and collaboration, whatever the scale.


    No gimmicks. Just real value on your investment and tangible ROE. Trust us, you won’t have seen engagement levels like it before.


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  • Global Development Program


    Delivering a multi-stage global learning program needs an agile partner who can generate step-change as a learning organization. At IndustryMasters® our flexibility and responsiveness are unmatched.


    From modelling supply chain issues for over 30,000 managers to bespoke simulations at global leadership events. In weeks, not months. Customization at low cost. It’s just what we do.


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