• Build leadership capabilities for middle managers

  • Engage learners in problem solving and team flow

  • Energize employees with creative and effective digital learning challenges

  • Deliver individual on-demand immersive learning

  • Catalyze organizational change with transformative experiences

  • Challenge the status quo with innovative talent solutions

  • Develop business acumen and strategy skills

Our business simulations and digital competitions equip leaders to think and work more effectively in the face of uncertainty.

Transform Your Leaders

Unleash the potential of leaders at all levels – through powerful experiences requiring strategy and execution.

Leverage Digital Learning

We bring powerful tools to the digital learning revolution, helping you realize your digital strategies

Simulations for Everyone

Leverage the latest technology and processes to make simulations and game-based learning accessible for all.

Business Simulations that will radically improve and grow your business

The IndustryMasters Banking Simulation

A unique learning platform, specially designed for business leaders in the banking world. The IndustryMasters banking simulation equips participants with tools and experience to handle difficult trade-off decisions on the job – a true test-bed for real-world success.

Build Digital Learning Strategies for the bank sector as well as Leadership Development programs around this simulation.

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The Automobile Manufacturing Simulation

This Auto-Manufacturing simulation – used by major auto manufacturers worldwide to train and develop management teams at all levels – challenges executives to think broadly about global business issues.

We encourage discussions around the linkages between finance, marketing, operations, R&D and corporate sustainability. Whether you need to plan for a senior team business strategy meeting, or want to provide an engaging and exciting event for high potential future leaders – this simulation has much to offer.

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Hotel Management Simulation

Our Hotel Management simulation offers interesting insight into the growth and development of a global hospitality business. It highlights the importance of investing in and management of skilled personnel and building top teams in a competitive marketplace,

Operational management issues and highly specific KPIs are included to build knowledge and understanding of this specific industry.

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Diversity and Inclusion Simulation

Our Diversity and Inclusion simulation model is a unique answer to one of the most urgent challenges in the business world today. One of the hottest management topics in 2017 – managing diversity to improve productivity of teams, building consensus in culturally diverse environments.

Extremely challenging and thought provoking, this new simulation is being adopted by many industrial, commercial, government and NGO organizations. If your business is addressing diversity challenges, this is a great starting point for building confidence in your teams, so they can develop effective strategies in this area.

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