Special Customisations

Custom-built Business Simulations

Our customized simulations help world-class companies deliver step-change in their learning and development programs, driving engagement and enhancing employee performance through high-impact immersive learning.

Rapid Low-cost Development

By leveraging our proprietary technology and simulation platform we are able to adapt and remodel existing simulations to significantly reduce cost and development time. In fact, we are typically able to produce a prototype model within only a few weeks.

Imagine. Change.

We tell our clients we can model almost any business issue with economic outcomes. Regardless of complexity. But simulations only create the conditions for change. They are an enabler. A sophisticated and powerful tool which can truly transform a learning experience. Real value - the kind that resonates - is dependent on people. Your people. Engaged. Energized. Enabled.

Leadership Development

Construction and Energy

Construction and Energy

Read about the customized simulation model for a FORTUNE 250 construction, mining and engineering company with revenues of more than $11 billion.

Based on real projects and featuring decisions spanning strategic planning, talent management, data analysis, profitability management and more, the simulation tasked participants to face the challenges and tradeoffs necessary for success.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Tire Manufacturer

Tire Manufacturer

We designed and delivered a unique, customized simulation for a leading tire manufacturer. The objective was to help the globally distributed salesforce face the challenge of ensuring retail divisions understood their impact on other parts of the value chain.

The result was a dynamic, interactive, multiplayer game in which players improve capability in planning and forecasting, secure lower costs through better inventory management and learn new approaches to pricing strategies.


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