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Managing Talent - Business Simulations offer new insights

Managing TalentIn recent research from PwC, 62% of CEOs agreed that their company needs to change the way that talent is recruited, motivated, and developed. They know their business objectives and talent priorities are misaligned. To make matters worse, they know that economic downturn only makes pivotal talent more attractive to the competition. And loyalty is fiendishly difficult to achieve.

To help, leading organisations are turning to big data and metrics which more accurately measure ROI. They track talent data and learn from highly-tuned employee engagement surveys. They measure performance against national recruitment costs - like the $2,600 it costs to hire, or the $1,600 it costs in HR expense per employee. But with scarce resource, the question that matters most, is how you spend on the talent that is pivotal to success.

Which leads to another: just what is pivotal talent?

Our simulations can help you find out. We have built environments where project managers compete for skilled employees, where the internal marketplace can be just as important as the world outside. Where the wrong blend leads to real economic outcomes. Blockages. Delays. Poor decision making.

Managing Talent Simulation
Simulation Screenshot: Managing Talent

Where your managers have to consciously debate and assess the skills and abilities which add real, measurable value to your organization. Where ROI is more than an abstract number. In our work we see the moments of clarity as they first appear. When companies first define what pivotal talent means to them. And it isn’t what’s already there in the marketplace.

It is the specific set of capabilities which your organization can exploit and nurture in equal measure. The people who can be what you need them to be.


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