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Project Team SkillsAccording to a McKinsey/Oxford study half of IT projects with budgets of over $15 million dollars run  45% over budget, are 7% behind schedule and deliver 56% less functionality than predicted.

Figures like these have continued to make headlines particularly given the high-value placed on IT and the significance they are expected to yield for organisations. Yet there is a strong argument that there is an unhealthy preoccupation with IT Project failures, as well as a tendency to place disproportionate levels of blame on one business function since it is typical for large-scale projects to be cross-border.

McKinsey argue that the key to success is focussing more on stakeholders than budgets or schedules, securing critical talent, building effective and aligned teams, and excelling at core project management practices. In addition to this many of our clients point to the demands of competing projects as the single greatest barrier to success. In many cases, critical talent and high-quality teams are prevented from carrying out their roles effectively as the demands of a range of projects converge.

At IndustryMasters we help organizations face the economic realities of project management in an environment of realistic competing priorities. Where decisions on the deployment of scarce resources have implications for other mission critical projects. Where the critical talent pool is a target for internal recruitment as well as in the external marketplace. Where managing corporate reputation is as important as hitting budget targets.

Project Management Simulation

Simulation Screenshot: Project Team Skills

We populate these environments with your projects, your teams and your resource data.

An authentic, multi-layered and identifiable habitat where real change won’t cost the earth or end up as an unwanted headline.


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