Managing Supply Chains

Managing Supply Chains - how simulations can help

Managing Supply ChainsIn one of the most unexpected developments of recent years, Businessweek reported that the most sought after MBA graduates are those with specialist qualifications in supply chain management. A field that had previously fought for recognition - even when the significance of logistics and heightened global competition for markets was ever more apparent.

Now the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics predicts nearly 200,000 U.S. supply-chain jobs will go unfilled each year through 2018, for lack of qualified talent. All of which explains why Deloitte, Apple, Pfizer and a host of other top firms are competing fiercely for critical talent.

In truth, this should come as little surprise. Advanced technology in both communications and transportation has allowed early adopters to secure competitive advantage and market share across almost any industry. For companies such as Amazon, it is the ability to leverage a supply chain platform that links third-party shippers and buyers through collaboration and technology innovation. Creating customer value from the front-end buying experience through to the logistics behind order fulfillment enablers.

Supply Chain Simulation
Simulation Screenshot: Supply Chain Management

At IndustryMasters, we have developed sophisticated simulation platforms which model the challenges of moving product from production to the hands of buyers. Where synergies can be realized or value destroyed when costs spiral out of control. Where companies achieve supply chain excellence through focusing supply chain initiatives on specific goals that support - and reinforce - their long-term competitive business strategies.

For our clients the simulation environment wields incredible power. It is a place where supply-chain specialists are forced to confront the economic realities of their behaviors and assumptions. Where cross-border teams are exposed to the complexities of synergistic supply chain management. Where real world strategy can be put to the test - risking only a virtual world balance sheet.


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