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Our History

We've been developing business simulations for more than a decade.

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IndustryMasters, Inc., an experienced simulation provider, began as Tycoon Systems in 2008. With a global participation base, the company was focused on serious games and had several hundred thousand users. That was the origin of today’s innovative platform.


A Global Leader in Business Simulations

Since that time, operations in Europe (as IndustryMasters GmbH) began and the focus of development shifted to executive education and business simulations.

Our clients have come from every corner of the world. We’ve developed leaders of organizations from throughout the US, Germany, Brazil, the UK, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and from all over Eastern and Western Europe. It helps that our solutions are easily converted to 14 languages!

In 2017, we began fine-tuning our ability to facilitate virtual classroom delivery and have successfully completed numerous sessions for a large beverage entity with remote, internationally based participants. Diversity & Inclusion offerings began that year as well and have allowed us to provide solutions for a significant beer producer and two large pharma entities. In late 2018, we introduced Team Manager, a D&I module that offers an opportunity for participants to consider a wide range of typical scenarios and responses to them as they simultaneously run an agnostic business.

Throughout our history, we have strategically capitalized on the latest technological advances. Our ability to push boundaries to seek just the right solution has helped to develop thousands of leaders around the world in companies large and small.

We develop your organization's leaders - those running your business today and those you are preparing to lead tomorrow.

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