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Virtual Deliveries

Virtual Classrooms - perfect when you can't get everyone together.

In our work with large Fortune 500 entities and learners scattered around the world, we know it can be cost-prohibitive and a scheduling nightmare to bring everyone together for a classroom seminar event.

Business simulations for virtual classroom participation

Business Simulations Allow for Success with Virtual Participation

Virtual deliveries ensure everyone receives the same experience without the cost of co-locating. We have successfully orchestrated powerful learning events across multiple time zones allowing learners to attend from wherever they are. Learners can still collaborate in small groups or teams and learn from one another and from the facilitator/presenter. But they can do so without the travel, expense, and time away from their home office. They receive meaningful feedback just as they would if they were attending a session in person.

Participants from our virtual classrooms leave feeling their learning needs were met just as well as if they’d been sitting at the same table. Collaboration among teammates is made simple with online meeting room software. Facilitators can “visit” teams in their separate rooms and bring the whole class together for debriefing on critical topics.

Our clients choose us for virtual solutions because we understand the challenges in delivery. They choose us because our solution is available anytime, anywhere. And they choose us because the powerful and effective learning opportunities from a business simulation are not exclusive to in-person use.

Is your organization looking for ways to trim its leadership development budget, reduce its carbon footprint, and minimize time away from the job to participate in training? Don’t cut corners on content. Instead, consider how you might deliver meaningful learning experiences to your learners by having them participate from remote locations.

Let’s discuss your learning challenges and discover whether a virtual classroom event is right for your learners.

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