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Diversity and Inclusion Simulation

Diversity & Inclusion - going beyond Unconscious Bias

Diversity and inclusion is a priority for many companies today, but some struggle with how best to move forward. There is ample research to support why a team and organization should embrace diversity and do all it can to establish an inclusive environment, but what exactly does that mean? What are the obstacles your company might face?

Diversity and Inclusion Business Simulation for Team Development

Creating an Inclusive Culture with a Business Simulation

We know that increasing diversity and inclusion in leadership roles leads to better business outcomes, yet many organizations aren’t making rapid progress. Unconscious Bias Training–the standard offering—isn’t working. That’s why IndustryMasters set out to create a simulation designed to build a managers’ capabilities around creating an inclusive environment that embraces diversity.

The simulation (which can also serve as a module within any of our industry-specific simulations) includes management scenarios presented as short videos from which participants must determine a single best response for as they strive to become an employer of choice. A number of investment opportunities are presented over the course of the simulation that serve to attract/retain talent as well as improve business operations. Participants must make difficult trade-off decisions that impact inclusion, employee engagement, turnover, employer brand, and access to talent.

Our clients tell us the Team Manager Business Simulation is “very innovative,” “highly engaging,” and that it is sparking the right discussions their teams and organizations need to be having.

The Team Manager Business Simulation provides an opportunity to test and increase the capabilities of your leaders. The simulation is available for individual learners or groups of participants of any size who can gather virtually or in a classroom setting. Our skilled facilitators can deliver or train your team to facilitate the experience.

Every business in every industry should be having or continuing the important conversation around diversity and inclusion – are you?

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