Virtual Management Training and Leader Development Programs

How our business simulation-focused solutions excel in virtual environments

We live in challenging times – with real and increasing constraints on business costs, travel and business reorganization initiatives.

So, how can you continue to build your teams’ business acumen and awareness; align your strategic messages throughout the organization; and develop bench strength in your future leadership teams?

Our virtual delivery projects are a perfect way to support your leadership development efforts around the world. Without any need for employee travel – but still achieve outstanding training and development outcomes.

We work with you to develop your management training and leader development solutions – Business Acumen, Leadership Development and Team Management programs.

Then, using our proprietary, cloud-based delivery system, help you to roll out your projects across the world – virtually! No physical, face-to-face events are needed –  avoiding all those associated costs.

We are globally recognized for our excellence in building leadership development programs in virtual environments. Which are centered around our unique, advanced business simulation models.

Why our virtual system works so well for you:

  • High quality teaching programs are delivered via the internet– at low cost.
    • No travel costs or travel scheduling
    • Your people can work from their home or from their local office – removing stress and time for travel and relocation in distant parts.
    • Instant and high-quality video communications with team members from all over the world – all joining the same learning event. From 10 to over 2,000 people in the same project.
    • Ability to work in virtual teams and virtual breakout rooms on common tasks
    • Larger virtual discussion rooms for full class for fuller discussions, explanations and debriefing sessions
  • Our expert learning systems, including a custom-built or off-the-shelf business simulation, are all built into the projects we design.
  • Low cost – because of reduced staff costs travel costs, etc
  • Our facilitators can advise and coach remotely, from thousands of miles away

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