Adapting Leadership Training to the Future of Work using Business Games

Recent technological advancements have sparked a global discussion around the future of work. Therefore, many employers wonder what the workplace will look like in 10 or 20 years. More importantly, they wonder what steps they should take to ensure their company not only survives, but thrives in the future. However, the discussion around the future of work can be complex. We believe we have identified five of the most important steps a company should take.

Time needed: 60 days

How to Adapt Leadership Training to the Future of Work

  1. Incorporate fun into the workplace

    Did you know that happy employees are more productive, creative, satisfied in their jobs, and loyal to their companies? By incorporating fun at work, employees are happier and their companies are more successful. In order to adapt to the future of work, you need a team of happy, productive, and driven employees. This is easier to create if you have found a way to incorporate fun into the workplace.

  2. Develop Leaders

    At IndustryMasters, we talk a lot about the current Baby Boomer brain drain. As Boomers retire, many companies will be left with few and inexperienced employees – unless they prepare. The future of work will be comprised of Millennials and “new” employees who need to be properly trained as leaders.

  3. Implement Change

    At the end of the day, adapting to the future of work is about making appropriate changes. Anyone can host a think tank about the future of work, but it’s those who are actually implementing change that will succeed. Take steps to actively prepare your employees for the future of work. The most effective way to do this is by implementing advanced training methods that develop leadership, enhance skills, and encourage teamwork.

  4. Update Training Methods

    In the next few years, the majority of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials. It’s important to train them to be efficient at their jobs and good leaders. But how? It all comes down to training. To adapt to the future of work, it’s crucial for companies to update their leadership training courses. Long gone are the days of lengthy lectures and seminars. Instead, it’s time to implement interactive, Millennial-friendly online leadership training methods, like business games. Business simulations are attractive to Millennials because of their game-like qualities. And, they have proven to be highly engaging, which means employees retain more information and develop soft and hard skills quickly.

  5. Train Employees to be Effective Leaders

    Instead of wondering what the future of remote work will look like, start preparing your company now. The best way to adapt to the future of work is to eliminate outdated practices and train employees to be effective leaders. If you want to take your company into the future, it’s critical that your teams are happy, well-informed, and well-trained. Strong leaders, that are aware of leadership styles in management will help companies make the transition into the future of work.

At IndustryMasters, we have seen the effects of companies preparing for the future firsthand. When a company implements business games into their training program, they equip their employees to carry the company well into the future.

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