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November 2018: The Future of Business Games
BizBattle Royale
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The Future of Business Games


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The Future of Business Games

Games have long been incorporated into educational programs and are a proven way to disseminate new knowledge and increase retention. Combining fun, chance, and a dose of competition, games make learning new information fun. They are an engaging and effective education tool used at all grade levels.

Educational games have moved into the cyber world and significantly evolved in recent years. And they’re no longer just for kids. It was only a matter of time before online games and the related thrill of victory intersected with understanding business acumen, leadership development, and other areas of executive education.

A wide range of providers offer games that teach critical business skills by simulating the running of a farm, managing of a railroad, or becoming a tycoon of a specific industry. This trend will certainly continue as younger generations – including those who have never known a world without a handheld computing device – create an ever-growing demand for learning through the fun of games.

At IndustryMasters, we’ve been in the business of serious games – games for learning business skills – for more than a decade. But our early history was in MMORPG gaming communities – we had 400,000 fans playing an economic-based strategy game 10-15 years back. People of all ages who liked playing games and liked the challenge of business (killing people or shooting zombies gets a bit old after a time) were playing our business games. We provided the intellectual challenge with the fun of computer gaming.

Now, we’re on the eve of merging our early gaming history with the last decade+ of our experience in business simulations with the launch of BizBattle Royale – a business-related version of the popular Royale-type game in which gamers manage their corporate empire and succeed or risk being taken over by a competitor.

We’re excited about this launch because we think we have created the perfect mix of gaming and learning. With the higher penetration of highspeed broadband, wi-fi and mobile phones, it is now easy to connect committed and motivated learners from all over the world in intellectually challenging business learning models – delivered to their mobile phones. We used to talk about “edutainment” in the early days – perhaps mobile phone access really does bring this concept home at last. We think this will be the trend for the 2020s.

We hope you’ll be interested in watching for BizBattle Royale. It made its debut at WebSummit 2018 in Lisbon just last week. If you’d like to learn more, please visit www.bizbattleroyale.com or contact us to discuss how business games might change how your organization treats learning.

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