Global Learning & Development

Global Learning and Development

Global Learning and DevelopmentToday’s corporate learning and development professionals are now at the epicenter of McKinsey’s famed “War for Talent”, a concept which has come a long way since its first appearance in 1997. It’s now a reality. In Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2013 they report that more than two thirds of HR leaders cite leadership and talent gaps as their top business challenge. It’s also why they count Human capital expenditures as the largest single investment businesses make and their greatest differentiator from the competition. In our work with world-class organizations we recognize that critical talent management is often two sides of the same coin: developing talent is now, more than ever, a business necessity whilst failing to offer outstanding development opportunities is a quick way to lose talent to the competition. Simulation can be the answer to both.

Simulations: Power, Reach and Flexibility

IndustryMasters® business simulations use experiential learning to deliver outstanding levels of engagement. We immerse users in a world which is exciting and familiar, leveraging the power of technology to facilitate real learning gains. Our cloud-based platform means our simulations are available from any location, at any time with only a browser and an Internet connection, and in over 15 languages. And having built literally hundreds of simulation models our proprietary system allows us to develop and deliver virtually any business learning program in weeks. It’s why we can say our flexibility and responsiveness is unmatched.

Delivering Success

“Okay, what we’d really like is....”

We hear this all the time. It’s the beginning of an iterative process that usually ends with an outcome which exceeds expectations, even if it’s never been done before. Like the multilayered, interconnected series of simulations we developed to model an entire supply chain for a major tire manufacturer. An approach which formed the core of a talent management program tasked with delivering real-world efficiencies and changing the behavior of up to 30,000 managers. For others it has meant developing simulations as the center-piece for global development events, attracting the companies top talent and challenging them to produce in live competition. Infinitely scaleable solutions whatever your needs.


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