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Get competitive - Business Simulation tournaments

Build epic simulation competitions and tournaments

Everyone loves to win. And as the meteoric success of Gamification proves, industry is waking up to the fact that games can drive real-world success and power double-digit growth. It's hardly surprising then that our single and multi player competitions are amongst the most popular solutions we offer.

Our competitions are available on a massive scale and to a global audience. At the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India (IIMA) we deliver the annual “Mousetrap” competition event for 600 teams (2,000 students) representing business schools across the world each year as part of IIMA’s famous Business Festival “Confluence”.

Built on real industry data from our work with leading companies across almost every sector, our simulations are truly immersive, exciting and engaging. They test real-world abilities in high pressure environments. It's why multiplayer competitions featuring cross-border teams are increasingly the choice of talent management and future leader programme designers.

As a web-based, database driven platform, our simulations deliver instantaneous results in real-time. Available for synchronous or asynchronous use across multiple time-zones - and as facilitated seminar events or as part of an embedded delivery programme - the only limitation is your imagination.



Build an exciting competition or tournament project for your students or employees with us.

Decide on your approximate budget for your competition and contact us if you need any advice using our contact form.

Our typical competition group sizes are from 60 participants and up to several thousand. This option is most suitable for large groups and is not economic for small gorups.

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