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Life Insurance Business Simulation

An Overview of the Life Insurance Business Simulation

An engaging, competitive learning experience that includes a behind-the-scenes view of the inner workings and interdependencies unique to a Life Insurance company. Teams of 3-5 participants each are challenged to drive premium, deposits, and fee income to meet the needs of policy owners, shareholders, and regulators. The winning team will have competed successfully on common Life Insurance and Annuity key indicators including:

·         Capital adequacy ·         General account management
·         Fund return ·         Lapse rate
·         Gains in the portfolio ·         Persistency and more!

Over several rounds of the simulation, teams are challenged to deal with issues like digitalization, rating agency reviews, fiduciary compliance, expense control, acquisitions, and financial advisor transitions while managing and developing key talent and maintaining an eye on customer persistency and growth. Additionally, teams compete in a live marketplace for employer group customers, winning only if they can compete on the factors their customers value.

Business Simulation for Life & Annuity
Life Insurance and Annuity Business Simulation

Key Lessons from the Life Insurance Simulation

  1. Managing competing priorities unique to this business
  2. Addressing regulatory requirements in a dynamic model
  3. Financial ratios; GAAP; Statutory Requirements
  4. The role of people in the performance of a life insurance company
  5. The role of people in the performance of a life insurance company
  6. Big picture perspectives of leadership teams, life insurance profitability/growth, decision making, and more

Who is it best suited for?

Mid-career and mid-level life insurance and annuity managers; those with functional responsibilities including product development, sales, operations, compliance, and marketing.

How long is the learning experience?

The simulation is best experienced as a classroom seminar facilitated over one or two days and includes 6-8 hours of hands-on learning.

How is it delivered?

Simulations from IndustryMasters are web-based, online learning experiences requiring only a laptop (one per person for this simulation) and internet connection. We have skilled facilitators who can conduct the session, we can collaborate with your company leaders, or we can train your team on our technology. Your learners can be co-located in one room or we can accommodate remote participants.

What if I have specific scenarios or KPIs I want included?

While the Life Insurance Business Simulation is ready for off-the-shelf use, we are happy to create a more tailored or even fully custom solution for your use. Contact us for a quote!

How is this solution different from your competitors?

The Life Insurance Business Simulation offers critical insights around:

  • Product design and launch
  • Business development of new accounts
  • Management of the company’s general account portfolio
  • Decisions related to industry specific issues including digitization, mergers/acquisitions of books of business, and more

No other business simulation focused on this industry provides a behind-the-scenes view of such critical decision opportunities.

What does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the following variables:

  • Number of licensed users (block purchases are available)
  • Facilitation, train-the-trainer sessions
  • Tailoring of specific scenarios, KPIs, or other simulation components
  • Custom development of simulation components

We would be delighted to present a proposal of estimated costs once the above variables are known. We will work with your needs and budget to create an ideal solution. Contact us today!

Life Insurance and Annuity Business Simulation


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