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Off-the-Shelf Business Simulations

When are off-the-shelf business simulations ideal?

Let’s define off-the-shelf first. A solution that already exists and requires little to no modification to deploy, is ready for your learners straight off-the-shelf.

Off-the-Shelf Business Simulations

An experience that includes relevant and applicable storylines, decisions, and curveballs—in fully tested and ready-to-deploy form—is just waiting for your learners.

Because no tailoring or customization is required, you save resources that can be spent on other aspects of your program. With little to no programming required, there’s minimal risk. In most cases, an off-the-shelf simulation can be run immediately compared to the weeks or months needed to tailor or customize a simulation from the ground up.

Off-the-shelf business simulations are ideal solutions when:

  • Your program date is near
  • Your budget is limited
  • You would rather spend the time and money on other program components
  • Valuable lessons apply, regardless of business or industry focus

What participants learn regarding business acumen, talent management, and general business savvy isn’t dependent on a simulation mirroring their actual business. There is an argument to be made that mimicking the participants’ business world is a distraction that opens the door to search for – and then fixate on – irrelevant inconsistencies between the simulated business and reality.

By maintaining focus on running a successful enterprise (regardless of the product), a laboratory for teaching critical learning objectives and developing business decision-making abilities can be achieved.

Would you like to view a demo? We have several online demos available on the View Demos page – have a look!

Let’s connect and discuss whether an off-the-shelf solution is right for you! You can find a sampling of our existing simulations here.

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