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September 2018: Disrupted Learning
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The Next Disruption: How We Learn


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Disrupted Learning
How Digital Learning Solutions are Changing the Way We Learn

It’s difficult to remember LBI – Life Before the Internet – and some of my colleagues have never known such an existence, but there was a time when you couldn’t find the answer to ANY question with just a few clicks on your mobile device.

The most poignant example for me was when my then-one-year-old son was failing to thrive. We endured weeks of testing, waiting on results, finding nothing, and more testing. Each test was immediately followed by a trip to the library to scour through medical journals to learn more about the next presumed disease threatening my child. And, of course, the library wasn’t exactly available 24/7!

Access to immediate learning has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. With innovations like Google and YouTube, information is quickly shared and consumed, making each of us lifelong learners with minimal effort.

So, what might motivate someone to take a two- or three-day course on a particular subject, when a two-minute video is available that addresses the burning question you have in that moment? How can Learning & Development professionals capture the attention of their audiences for the time required to complete the desired learning objectives?

Today’s learners have anytime, anywhere access to complex learning material in nearly any format they want it. Digital learning solutions have disrupted traditional learning and provided the ability to deliver to masses via online classrooms or to individuals from the comfort of their living rooms—or to both—simultaneously.

But you can’t learn collaboration or team building from a two-minute video. And, while you might learn a definition or formula from Google, honing your business acumen skills is best done when you can apply your newfound knowledge on actual business decisions, in context, and witness the effects over simulated time. This is what business simulations provide.

A powerful component of any digital learning solution, business simulations offer a testing ground to experiment and learn. Deployable from any device that can access the internet, they allow for on-demand learning, can accommodate single participants or up to many thousands, and they engage learners with simulated business environments. They are competitive, fun, and highly effective. Business simulations have disrupted learning and we are better off for that.

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