Delivery Options to Suit You

We truly are a globally based provider with headquarters in Denver, Cologne and Malta. Our team is scattered across North America and Europe and happy to travel when needed.

Lately, we’ve been asked to conduct sessions virtually allowing participants to take part without the hassle of travel. These sessions have been so successful, we’re ready to promote an Anywhere, Anytime approach.

Whether your learners need to experience a course on their own, as self-paced learners, or you have a group of participants gathered in one room or joining remotely, we have the technology and experience to provide a high quality event!

Potential Delivery Options:


Classroom learning allows for consistent delivery and messaging to all participants, opportunities to learn from one another and team building. Our facilitators are fun, knowledgeable and engaging. They're able to weave in your company and industry headlines, making the learning even more relevant.


Everyone learns in various ways and at varying paces. And, it can be challenging to get everyone in the same room at the same time. Self-paced learning can be just as robust and is available with each of our business simulations.  Participants can work individually or as part of teams.


Virtual classrooms are ideal when your participants are scattered across the globe or budgets don't allow for bringing everyone together.  We offer great flexibility in our support and delivery options whether your participants are gathered in the same room, are participating remotely or any combination.