The Telco Operator Simulation

Accurately presents a realistic view of the global telecoms supply industry, and allows business leaders for the sector to discuss future business strategies in a risk-free environment.

In this Telecoms Provider Simulation, you take over the management of a leading provider of mobile and broadband services and compete against other teams or “virtual” competitors in the highly competitive telecommunication market. Develop a business strategy and increase the profitability of your company. Maximize the company value and create a lasting value added for the company and its shareholders. Get to know the key figures of the industry – ARPU, CPGA, Churn rate and many more.

Keep in mind that winning new customers is increasingly difficult, as the markets are saturated and existing product offerings are losing appeal. New competitors are also pushing for their home market. The compilation of your portfolio will ultimately determine success. Invest wisely in new products and keep the prices and advertising budgets in mind.

You will need to invest heavily in infrastructure. These ultimately enable scale effects, as well as the development of new services. Your strategic initiatives will not remain unnoticed by the competition. Also pay attention to your competitors’ management decisions.

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Inside the Telco Simulation:

With the Telco Operator Simulation, you can test and train your overall management skills when you try to build a company value sustainably in the competitive telecommunications market.

Manage one of the leading providers of mobile and broadband services, and compete against other teams or against other “virtual” competitors – smartly programmed competitors.

Think about how you can achieve long-term sustainable value creation for your company and the shareholders of your company. This will lead to a constantly rising share price.

Create a strong, sustainable franchise that will enable you to achieve long-term success for the benefit of all stakeholders in the value chain – employees, suppliers, customers, community, lenders and shareholders.

Get an understanding of the industry’s industry-leading management metrics – ARPU, CPGA, termination rates, and many others – when you create your own telecoms business.

Single Player or Team Player