Bank management simulation training tool for finance executives

The IndustryMasters’ Banking Simulation

immerses leaders in a test-bed for real-world success. Financial results and risk hinge on business decisions made by your leaders today.

The IndustryMasters banking simulation equips participants with tools and experience to handle difficult trade-off decisions on the job.

Leadership Development – Build your bench by letting future leaders try different approaches and new ideas. Let them experience realistic short- and long-term consequences. Increase their readiness as they fail and recover in a safe environment without impacting your bottom line.

Digital Learning Strategy – Companies seek new ways to increase engagement while managing costs. Our platform delivers on comprehensive digital strategies.

Scalability – Whether your needs are large or small, we probably have a solution that will work. We grow with you.

Why use the IndustryMasters Banking Simulation ?

  • Proven treasury model
  • Multiple play options for different audiences
    • Single player or teaming
    • Classroom, virtual, large event
    • Front-line to executive levels
  • Easy to tailor or customize
  • Fun and engaging for peer learning

Banking Simulation Options

  • Manage retail/commercial portfolio
  • Establish growth/risk targets
  • Align interest rates, marketing, staffing, and investments to achieve business outcomes
  • Deal with client, competitive, and central bank pressures
  • Determine where and how to access or invest additional funds
  • Manage risk appropriately to comply with regulations
  • Report back to shareholders
  • Address curveballs and uncertainties modeled to reflect industry dynamics
  • Optional modules for managing people, staffing/HR, and leadership

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Inside the Banking Simulation:

Learn about the complexity of today’s banking business with this fascinating business simulation. Make a choice between strong growth or cautious expansion strategy at lower risk. Find the balance between deposit business and credit products and the development of high quality banking services for your customers.

Consider the following key questions:

How does a banking business work in the face of conflicting demands from customers, competitors and central banks? What influence does the central bank interest have on your business strategy? What is the importance of core capital for growth and how do you want to manage it?

Your objective as bank director in this simulation is to maximize the market value of his company over a period of 5 years. You can develop a wide range of credit and deposit products as well as services. The success of your products depends on your marketing efforts, impact of interest margins, refinancing costs and operating costs – all must be balanced in order to be successful in this dynamic and competitive market.

The core capital ratio must be brought into line with the current Basel III regulations at all times.

Single Player or Team Player