Strategic Business Simulations for Corporate Learning

We have designed and built simulations for just about every industry sector and for some of the world’s leading companies. And for all their differences it’s astounding just how similar their issues and challenges have been.

Here’s just a few you might recognize:

Yet, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that whilst the business challenge may be familiar the solution never is. Because each organization is unique. And each demands a simulation which reflects that quality and its own singular context.

Why use simulations? The top-five

1. Immersive environments
In our world it's known as fidelity. Basically, the more realistic the environment and objects in it the more immersive the task is. Real engagement for real learning gains.

2. Hugely scalable
Simulations are immensely scalable. Being web-based we can deliver instantaneous results to literally thousands of users in real-time.

3. Remote access
Delivering blended learning to globally dispersed staff operating in multiple time-zones? With 24/7 remote access our packages can be tailored for synchronous and asynchronous delivery.

4. Technologically sophisticated
Proprietary cloud-based technology which allows us to deliver in both real and virtual worlds. A first for business simulation.

5. Customization at Low Cost
With a system that is built using our proprietary plug-and-play feature menu our speed to prototype is unmatched.



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