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Challenging Global LeadersIn an increasingly complex world of escalating interconnectedness companies are united in their need to manage talent on a global scale; to develop the global leaders of tomorrow. Exactly how to do that is proving far more challenging. The reason is simple: where learning is not experiential, programmes suffer because managers see them as disconnected from the real-world they inhabit. And it's the very reason simulation is so effective.

The lesson? If you want leaders to feel challenged, you have to place them in a world that feels as demanding as the real thing - and then take them further.

To achieve this state, we immerse leaders in a world which is high in fidelity. Fidelity is literally how accurate the simulation world feels to the individual.  Numerous studies, and our own experience over 25 years, has proven that when fidelity is high people forget that the simulation world isn't real. And that's when they perform as they would in the real world.

We often say that a truly accurate simulation covering a one year period would take one year to deliver. That's just common sense. But the beauty of simulation is that, by taking specific psychological cues, such as company KPIs and data, we are able to create believable worlds that capture the imagination and convince even skeptical audiences. 

Our clients now build entire global leadership development programs around our bespoke simulations. Here are just some of the reasons why:

- Incredible levels of engagement and participation

- Iterative design process builds in high fidelity levels

- Opportunities to observe cross-border relationships with functional teams

- Multiplayer team competitions are exciting, high pressure environments

- Observation by senior teams leads to outstanding insight

As with any learning program, the real gains are frequently found in reflection. HR Teams and senior management reflect on the level of skill and strategic alignment demonstrated by their talent pool; participants reflect on their actions and the successful strategies they've witnessed first-hand; and the program leaders reflect on how best to maximise those gains. To harness the power of the experience, and build on it for the future.


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